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Trip Report Skydiving in Busselton - Travel Report

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I always enjoy a road trip – driving, singing, and nibbling snacks with my friends on the road, looking for directions and being surprised by what we might encounter along the way. Our trip to Western Australia was filled with adventurous and fun memories. One day we explored the south side of Perth and did something a little bit more thrilling than driving – we visited some adorable creatures and jumped out from a plane!

+++ Busselton

We drove down to Busselton from Perth - It was my very first (and not sure if it would be my only) time signed up for a skydiving experience but it was something that I always wanted to do.

For the info about my dolphin encounter and photos, please visit:

When I was researching online, they had a site to skydive in the city of Perth but UNFORTUNATELY, the site didn’t operate anymore. I thought it would have been great to skydive with the skyline of Perth as a backdrop. Now Geronimo only operates in Busselton and Rottnest Island.

The experience didn’t lower my adrenaline level in any way. The moment we arrived the airport there was a lot of emotions to take in: excitement, anxiety, nerve, thrill… and mostly the unknown of doing something extreme the first time.

We signed up for tandem skydiving and the great thing about this was we didn’t require any prior training and didn’t need to worry about anything technical. People at any grown age could take part as long as the person has a good physical condition, courage, and an adventurous heart. The skydiving instructors were experienced and well-trained and we were in good hands. During the peak season, they might have to jump 20 times a day! (Maybe that explained why they could land on the same spot so precisely.)

It was a bit too windy in the morning and I worried that we might not get to jump; the sky was cleared in the afternoon and it was perfect *lucky*. There were four of us and we separated into two groups. As I was waiting in the hanger my excitement was upsurging. I couldn’t wait for my turn when I saw how excited my friends were once they got back on the ground!

Once we took off, we would ascend to 14,000 feet, followed by a 60-second free-falling and finally landing after graciously gliding through the sky. That’s right, the “gracious” part barely came in after the free-falling” because it was not quite the case for me! Once the instructors asked “are you ready”, the now-attached instructor and I wiggled plane exit and dropped out almost instantly.

For a split second, it was a black out. I didn’t even have a moment to screeeammmmmm!

For what's it's like and the great view, you are welcome to visit:

+++ 60-second free fall

Once we “jumped”, I had a Gravity moment. We were spinning 360-degree and my emotions were like a kaleidoscope. Until I could compose myself, I could finally see what’s going on through my watery eyes and breathe through my runny nose. The wind was blowing up my face and from the video feed I looked like a bulldog stuck its head out of the car window:(.

All that added up to an amazing of…, not falling, but FLYING. I was so high up in the sky I didn’t feel anything but free. Flying like a bird. I could see the horizon was a curve line. I reminded myself to remember this moment as much as I can.

When the parachute was pulled out, I was once again overwhelmed by the majestic coastline and gorgeous sunset in a much calm and peaceful manner. The instructor adjusted the straps and so I could just enjoy the view in awe.

The second thing that came out of my mouth after we landed was “Let’s do it again!” (I mean it) and I was glad that I did this, I felt like I tried something new, conquered something fearful and achieved something great! All of us was still sharing and talking about the experience when we were having drinks and dinner at the Busselton Jetty. It’s definitely an experience to be remembered for a lifetime.